I help ambitious achievers heal the body, release trauma, and reprogram the mind so they can achieve more by doing less

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You Are Your Own Savior

You earned your success. Nothing was handed to you. 

Your ambition, ingenuity, and grit got you to where you are. 

But the same fire that fuels also burning you

The self help guru's out there will tell you that you’re broken. They’ll tell you that you need to slow down so they can fix you. 

This is a LIE. 

There is nothing to “fix.” You are not broken. And you never were broken.

You don’t need to dial down your ambitions or dissect your childhood. 

When you align with your Truth,  you achieve more by doing less

Alignment = velocity. Like a sailboat gliding across the sea, USE life’s circumstances to fuel your natural state of Peace and Flow. 

Everything you need is already within you. 

YOU have all of the answers. 

Let's discover them.

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About Dr. Juli

Dr. Juli helps entrepreneurs cure anxiety and depression quickly so they can get back to their lives.  When self-care or years of psychotherapy have failed, Dr. Juli helps others achieve freedom from the exhaustion of anxiety and depression that limits personal lives but also the bottom line.  She is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Fellowship trained in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. She combines mind-body skills, coaching, botanicals and plant medicine to get clients results FAST.

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