Dr. Julieta La Rocca, MD, is a leading expert in the art and science of energy healing and personal transformation. She believes that the only thing standing in the way between you and everything you desire is….absolutely nothing. After experiencing domestic violence, including an attack that almost killed her, Dr. La Rocca committed to transforming people’s mindsets to win the war they are fighting by realizing there is nothing to fight. She is uniquely skilled at identifying and energy healing perceived barriers as well as rapidly healing decades of trauma in minutes. Dr. La Rocca is highly sought after for her medical expertise, spiritual healing, and how to embrace the B.A.A.D., (Being Accepting and Affirming of Darkness). In addition to her private practice, she helps C-level executives, and leadership teams through private consultation (both in person and virtual) and as a keynote speaker. She is an entrepreneur, author, a single mother, and magnetic speaker. Her mission is unwavering: to empower high achieving over-givers to seize their full potential, embracing everything as good — especially the BAAD 😉

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