Dr. Julieta La Rocca, MD is a holistic and integrative physician who has dedicated her life the exploration of consciousness, human emotion, and energy.
She is a dedicated energy healer that helps entrepreneurs dissolve emotions so you embody high states of consciousness, live in your passion, and get anything you want without doing anything. She created the OneBeing Method for elevation of frequency, including the Dark Affirmation process and the SEA Method for emotional mastery, in order to manifest everything you desire with ease and velocity. She guides entrepreneurs into achieving high states of consciousness, channel spiritual gifts and unlock their passion, while effortlessly mastering frequency, efficiency, relationships, and profit. She is a pioneer in the field of frequency and energy work innovation. She also guides in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. She is a direct channel and has been given a powerful spiritual gift that dissolves emotions, traumas, and beliefs instantaneously: Limiting beliefs that keep you from focusing, stuck energies that create tension and drama in your life, or trapped emotions in the body that limit creativity and stifle money, she instantaneously releases with the snap of a finger. Since her time in the performing arts as a trumpet player and performer, she is now Board Certified in Family Medicine, Fellowship Trained in Holistic and Integrative Medicine, and has spent over 4000 hours in deep meditation. She is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, founder of Unbreakable Wellness Medical Practice, Austin Concierge Med Spa, Unbreakable Moms (a free online community for single mothers), and Lyfe Is Cray positive merchandise.

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