About Dr. Juli

Dr. Juli La Rocca is a holistic and integrative M.D. who empowers people to be the CEO of their own minds. 

She guides professionals to confront their fears, anxieties, and insecurities head on. She helps reverse the mind (the company) driving you, to how you can drive the mind. 


She is the founder of Juli M.D., where she works closely with high-level entrepreneurs to achieve inner success as great and even greater than their outer successes.


Dr. Juli is Board Certified in Family Medicine, Fellowship trained in Integrative and Holistic Medicine, and founder of Unbreakable Moms– an online support network empowering single mothers to take control of their lives. 


Despite an insatiable drive to achieve and being “successful” by societal standards–something was missing. She “had it all” and knew she should be satisfied and happier, but wasn’t. 


A life without peace of mind isn’t much of a life at all. 


Dr. Juli turned inward. Curiously, life began to bloom not from resistance or dis-ease, but with ease, joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment.


You have outer success. You deserve freedom from worry, crippling doubt, self-hatred, or fear. You deserve inner success too.