"What good is having money if we can't feel the rich?"

- Suzy Batiz

Any Of These Sound Familiar?

  • You feel something is “off,” but you just don’t know what
  • You are exhausted yet have trouble sleeping
  • You’re often in a negative emotional state, like angry, irritable, anxious, or depressed.
  • You feel burned out or unmotivated
  • You don’t have the mental stamina you had before
  • You’re irritated knowing you’re not reaching your full potential, not doing enough
  • Your personal relationships are suffering because of your mood
  • You worry over losing your successes
  • You fear if you allow yourself to slow down, business will suffer.
  • You’ve tried seeing a therapist, medications, or supplements that didn’t really work.
  • You’ve even explored plant medicine without lasting success

You owe it to yourself to feel better than this.

Imagine if:

…Your worries, anxieties, or depression no longer controlled you

… you had the Freedom to choose your emotions

… you had clarity and focus like you’ve never had before

… you found joy again, lived in gratitude and peace.

… your state of mind actually FUELED your business

… you did LESS, achieved MORE, AND increased your bottom line

… You repaired and deepened relationships

...You could heal...quickly. Privately. Conveniently.

Only with a comprehensive approach does a rapid and sustainable transformation occur

  • Health occurs on ALL levels: The physical body, the mind, and consciousness.
  • They are intricately connected and CAN NOT be separated. They are mutually INclusive. 
  • When treating  anxiety, depression, or PTSD,  to look at the mind alone is a fallacy. 
Your biography becomes your biology

Trauma lives in the body

Your body becomes stuck in the past

Addicted to thoughts, feelings, and actions that hurt you

We heal the body. 

We release the trauma. 

We reprogram the mind. 


rise above the mind and into

Turbo-charged Transformation in A Top Influencer

The Juli MD Process


  • Session work to overcome compulsive thinking, and uncover unconscious mental emotional reactive patterns. 
  • Mind-body and mindfulness skills to reprogram the brain into a state of clarity, focus, and peace and presence. 


  • A comprehensive analysis of your genetic profile, including neurotransmitter assessment to personalize therapies for mood
  • Fully customize supplement and nutritional regimen based on symptoms and genomics


  • Explore and connect to consciousness
  • Rising above thought, releasing attachments that keep you stuck
  • Experiential mind-body sessions for trauma release and access to the subconscious

On average, my clients feel 100% improved

after only 2 months

Why work with Dr. Juli over The other guys?

Comprehensive and Customized

  • There is no one size fits all.
  • Everyone has different needs, schedules, and methods to which they respond.
  • Because of my extensive training in mind, body, and consciousness healing, we formulate a plan specifically tailored to your needs at ALL levels


  • You are busy. That’s why I make myself accessible to all of my clients via text, phone, or video call 24/7.
  • In fact, I expect my clients to communicate with me outside of scheduled sessions.
  • Communication is virtual or in person and extremely flexible. 

Connection and Understanding

  • I understand! I’m also an entrepreneur dealing with the same frustrations, challenges, dreams and experiences.
  • I show up with compassion, caring.
  • I hold space for your experience with complete acceptance and non-judgement.

Results Oriented

  • It’s not about how much time is spent, it’s about getting you RESULTS.  
  • We approach your challenges from ALL angles: trauma release, mind-body skills, nutrigenomics, neuroscience, nutrition, psychology, mindset and more…


  • Confidentiality and trust is my top priority, always.
  • As entrepreneurs we have to uphold a certain image, personal brand, and level of professionalism.
  • Creating a safe environment is the most sacred part of this work. I take confidentiality extremely seriously and uphold my fiduciary duty to you at all times.

Sound like a fit?

Here's What to do next

Why entrepreneurs love working with Dr. Juli

COaching Packages

Tier 1

  • Personalized weekly 50 minute session work
  • Cure anxiety or depression!

Tier 2


  • Unlimited sessions
  • 24/7 accessibility and accountability
  • Session summaries
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Curated weekly personal development content
  • Custom recorded guided visualizations
  • Custom recorded meditations
  • Genetic analysis and custom supplement regimen
  • Ongoing medical support as your health advisor with on-call access

Tier 3


  • Full day mind-body healing intensive or trauma release session
  • Long term follow up and "tune ups"
  • Session work for couples and familial support
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