Unbreakable Wellness

Unbreakable Wellness is an integrative and holistic clinic focusing on whole-person care. This means assessing each individual exactly as that: an individual.


We look at the bio-psycho-social-spiritual-eco levels of your life and work together to uncover the root cause of dis-ease. Through this deep exploration into your wellness, we guide you in discovering the best version of yourself.


Unbreakable Wellness is operated by me, Dr. Juli La Rocca.


My journey into holistic wellness began with my own battle for optimal health. In medical school, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) – a hormonal dysregulation causing a multitude of symptoms and problems. Like many other women before me, I was put on diabetes and hormonal medication and told to “diet and exercise,” yet no doctor could tell me what I should eat or how I should exercise. Take the medication, they said.  


But it didn’t work.


I tried every diet. I exercised for hours a day. I restricted my calories to starvation, and to my surprise continued to gain weight. I was tired despite adequate sleep. I had anxiety about food. My self-esteem plummeted. I was depressed.


In my thirst for knowledge, I dug deeply into the science and literature for answers. In my search for answers, I began to piece the puzzles together: everything is connected. From what we put in our mouths, to what we put on our skin, to what we put in our minds – it all affects the health of our bodies, minds, and spirits.


And thus began my journey in integrative medicine.


I quickly recognized that modern medicine in the primary care setting was failing us. Working in an underserved minority population in East Los Angeles during my residency helped me understand the social causes of dis-ease, and how modern primary care was failing to address these issues.


Our biography becomes our biology.


With you, I explore the mind-body connection and cultivate a space for healing.

I focus on empowering you to prioritize your self-care. I hone in on teaching you self-care and life-changing skills that promote innate healing. I help to improve nutrition, manage and repurpose stress, increase sleep, and support movement while utilizing cutting-edge treatments  in order to restore wellness that fits into your current lifestyle.

Unbreakable Wellness

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